Self titled 7" EP (1998) (only 3 in stock)


First release by Crawlspace Recs. Sometimes referred to as the "Strange Notes" EP. Originally made to sell on an aborted European tour. Silk screened fold-over cover and lyric sheets on transparent gold vinyl. Only 500 numbered copies were made to sell. hand numbered and there's a few that weren't that were 'test proofs" to make sure the printing and art came out OK. Aside from the cover songs this was a return to form for us and w/ straight ahead short blasts of hardcore like the demo days.
1. Strange Notes
2. 21 Days
3. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
4. Promise Keeper
5. Coffin Nails
These have been stored away for 14 years, in mint condition and unplayed. Only 3 copies in stock and once they are gone.. they are gone.

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